Chapter 3: NTAs


This chapter presents the disaggregated age profiles of NTA variables derived in the WELTRANSIM project. NTA variables capture labour and asset income, redistribution through public and private transfers and use of disposable income in the form of public and private consumption and savings. NTA data are typically available by age and sex only. In this project, we further disaggregate these measures by education level, partnership status, parenthood status, and school enrolment. We obtain profiles for four European countries representing four different welfare state regimes. The resulting data constitute key parameters of the MicroWELT dynamic microsimulation model.

This chapter is organized as a self-contained paper:

Abio, Gemma, Patxot, Concepció, Souto, Guadalupe, Istenič, Tanja (2020), Disaggregated National Transfer Accounts by Education and Family Types for Spain, UK, Austria, and Finland. University of Barcelona, forthcoming. The paper is available at the project website: PDF