This guide gives a short non-technical introduction to the use of the dynamic microsimulation model microWELT. microWELT is a customizable, modular microsimulation platform for socio-demographic projections incorporating National Transfer Accounts. The model is based on harmonized data available for most EU countries. Currently available for Austria, Spain, Finland and the UK, it can be easily ported to additional countries. We introduce the use of microWELT version 1.22 “out of the box” - i.e. as it can be downloaded from here.

The main focus of this guide is on the Graphical User Interface (GUI). A quick tour coves the most important aspects of using microWELT:

  • Opening a scenario;
  • Making changes to settings and parameters;
  • Running simulations;
  • Navigating through the table output and its views;
  • Saving new scenarios together with the simulation results.

This part complements the in-built help system of the model software (accessible via the help menu) which gives a more detailed and fuller description of the GUI.

For operating the model developing new scenarios, we advise consulting the documentation of the model parameters and socio-demographic projections as well as the documentation of disaggregated NTA data.

This User Guide is meant as a general introduction of how to use microWELT and does not cover model uses and adaptations which require programming. microWELT is designed as a highly flexible, modular and extendable modelling platform easily adaptable to specific needs. Easy adaptations include adding output tables and changing or extending parameter dimensions. More complex adaptations include the development of alternative modules replacing available modules or being provided as additional options selected by the user. And of course, new modules can be added. A detailed step-by-step implementation guide is available here and can be used as a textbook for model implementation and extensions.