This website is the online presence of the deliveries of the Work Package 1 of the WELTRANSIM (Welfare Transfer Simulation) Project. WELTRANSIM is a project of the Horizon 2020 Joint Program Initiative More Years, Better Live’s second joint transnational call entitled Welfare, Wellbeing, and Demographic Change: Understanding Welfare Models.

The centrepiece of the Work package is the development and application of the dynamic microsimulation model microWELT. microWELT is built for comparative welfare state research based on disaggregated National Transfer Account (NTA) data developed alongside the WELTRANSIM project.

microWELT is designed as a modular, extendable and internationally portable microsimulation platform available for applications beyond the WELTRANSIM project. This website was created to present both the research performed using microWELT, as well as to provide detailed documentation of the model itself. microWELT and this website are being developed and maintained at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO). Project partners of WELTRANSIM are the University of Barcelona, the Finnish Institute for Economic Research, and the Finnish Center for Pensions. The research belonging to the Work Package 1 presented at this website was performed by the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) and the University of Barcelona (UB).