One of the objectives of microWELT is the provision of a modular microsimulation modelling platform available for applications beyond the WELTRANSIM project. As of today, two streams of applications are being built on the microWELT platform.

  • The first adapts and supplements microWELT to the specific requirements of Austrian economic research. The result is a detailed multi-purpose dynamic microsimulation model for Austria under the name microDEMS (demographic change, employment and social security). The model includes a detailed depiction of the Austrian education system and models additional individual characteristics like health status, employment, migration background, the region of birth, and immigration type.
  • The second is a further development and refinement of the international microWELT platform for comparative applications. Current projects focus on health, labour force participation, and employment. With these projects, the geographical scope of microWELT so far was extended to three additional EU countries (Germany, Italy, France) and the US.