JPI MYBL - Caring Over the Lifecycle: the Roles of Families and Welfare States Today and Into the Future (WellCARE)

WellCARE aims to investigate how the ‘care economy’ affects intra- and inter-generational redistribution through the lifecycle, in the context of ageing societies. By ‘care economy‘ we refer to the major kinds of caring services provided in our societies. We will focus on the two largest types of caring – for children including education, and for those living with disabilities, especially the elderly. In turn, these services – the essence of fulfilling caring responsibilities – are considered in three main categories: those provided in-cash or in-kind by publicly funded organizations (government), those purchased privately (market), and those provided in-kind by close family members (family).

  • Organizations: Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO); University of Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Ottawa, University of Essex

  • Funding: This 2021-2025 project is funded by the European Commission-Framework Programme Joint Program Initiative “More Years Better Lives”