Both microWELT and microDEMS are modular modelling platforms. As a result, a variety of applications have been developed based on the specific needs of different research projects, with most modules eventually becoming core or optional model components available for new projects.

  • microWELT 1 was developed alongside the H2020 project Weltransim. Available documentations include a step-by-step implementation guide, a full code documentation, documented analysis scripts for parameter generation, as well as a user guide. These extensive materials were also developed as training materials for dynamic microsimulation development based on the Modgen programming language.

  • microWELT 2 is a new, improved and extended implementation of microWELT currently developed alongside the JPI MYBL/Horizon Europe projects WellCARE and SustainWELL. Besides project-specific model extensions, this implementation makes the transition to openM++, the open source successor to the Modgen programming technology previously used.

  • microDEMS is a refined Austrian version built on the same platform but based on detailed longitudinal administrative records. It is currently extended for two country case studies on migration and pensions, both part of the SustainWELL project.