The development, expansion and improvement of microWELT is currently being pursued in three dimensions:

  • Improvements to the model core: This work includes the transition of the model to openM++ (openM++ is the open source successor to the Modgen programming technology), the re-basing of the model to more recent data, and the extension of the model to additional countries. It also includes the adaptation and refinement of the core modules to the needs of current research projects. The core of the model includes the simulation engine, demographic, education, health and labour force status modules.

  • Model extensions implemented alongside the WellCARE project, focusing on childcare and long-term care. These include modelling care needs and hours, nursing homes, informal and formal home care, and the pricing and financing of care.

  • Model extensions implemented in parallel with the SustainWELL project, aimed at bringing the National Transfer Accounting (NTA) and National Time Transfer Accounting (NTTA) frameworks down to the individual level, allowing the study of the sustainability and redistributive operations of welfare state regimes across population groups and cohorts.