Development of Care Modules (wellCARE)

Model extensions implemented alongside the wellCARE project, focusing on childcare and long-term care. Current work focuses on longterm-care for persons 65+. This - in a nutshell - involves:

  • Adaptation of the starting population: add institutionalized population 65+

  • Data preparation: correction of under-representation of institutionalized population in SHARE

  • Model of care needs based on (I)ADLs

  • Model of care hours. Development of objective ways to map (I)ADL limitations to care hours (administrative mapping, regression approach)

  • Modeling of nursing homes

  • Modeling of care mix in home care as received today: formal services, informal care by partner, others; care gap

  • Modeling of informal care supply to others than a partner. Adjustment routines to match supply to care received

  • Accounting and pricing of care services

  • Modeling of policy levers for what-if scenarios: response to care gaps

  • Accouning routines for distributional analysis and economic consequences

Roadmap (slides)

  • Martin Spielauer, Philipp Warum, Thomas Horvath, Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger (2024) WellCARE Roadmap comparative microsimulation of long-term care - Presentation at the WellCARE consortium meeting January 11th Vienna PDF-SLIDES