MicroDEMS is a refined Austrian version built on the microWELT platform but based on detailed longitudinal administrative records. It is currently extended for two country case studies on migration and pensions, both part of the SustainWELL project. Documentation of the current version is available in:

  • Thomas Horvath, Walter Hyll, Helmut Mahringer, Hedwig Lutz, Martin Spielauer (2022) Ältere am Arbeitsmarkt: Eine Vorausschau bis 2040 als Grundlage für wirtschaftspolitische Maßnahmen - WIFO Study [PDF]

  • Thomas Horvath, Martin Spielauer (2024) Projecting changes in the size and composition of the Austrian labor force based on the dynamic microsimulation model microDEMS - Presentation at the 9th World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association. [LINK] [PDF-SLIDES]

  • Thomas Horvath, Martin Spielauer, Philipp Warum (2023) Lifecourse heterogeneity and the future labour force – a dynamic microsimulation analysis for Austria - Conference of the Austrian Academy of Sciences “Exploring Population Heterogeneities” 6. and 7. December 2023. [PDF-SLIDES]

Illustration of labor transitions