OENB - Long-term integration of immigrants in Austria: a dynamic Microsimulation Model

Thomas Horvath, Martin Spielauer, Marian Fink, Peter Huber

Austria, in spite of its long tradition of receiving immigrants, lacks empirical studies and findings on the economic integration of immigrants from a long-run longitudinal perspective. This study is a detailed analysis of the educational and labour market integration of immigrants based on existing data. In a second step we integrate data bases and statistical models to a dynamic microsimulation model. This model allows for a wide range of scenarios concerning the future number and composition of immigrants, their labour market behaviour as well as educational outcomes of young immigrants and the children of immigrants.


  • Horvath, Thomas, Martin Spielauer, Marian Fink (2020) Microsimulation Projection of the Educational Integration and Labour Force Participation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants WIFO Working Paper 615/2020 [PDF1]

  • Spielauer, Martin, Thomas Horvath, Marian Fink (2020) Das dynamische Mikrosimulationsmodell microDEMS zur Analyse der ökonomischen Integration von Immigrantinnen und Immigranten in Österreich WIFO Working Paper 607/2020 [PDF2]

  • Huber, Pater & Martin Spielauer (2020) Return and Onward Migration and Labour Market Entry: Empirical Analysis and Microsimulation Projection for Austria WIFO Working Paper 616/2020 [PDF3]

  • Organizations: Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)

  • Funding: This 2017-2020 project is funded by the Austrian National Bank (OENB)